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Tait Enable Insight – The Future of Network Management

Interactive Group’s VuPt technology supports Tait Communications at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

As LMR networks grow in capability and become increasingly interconnected with a variety of software and systems, network management needs a whole new approach. Proactively managing and supporting your network is an effective way to safeguard your communications system, and decrease the risk of interruptions that affect business efficiency and worker safety. Tait Enable is a revolutionary suite of management tools that gives you this control of your radio network. The newest addition is Tait EnableInsight – a powerful new performance management tool.

Tait EnableInsight is essentially a risk mitigation solution against any potential degradation in your network performance or availability. Degradation can be caused by a range of factors other than product quality or capability. Depending on your system design and the level of network resources that you choose, degradation can occur due to fluctuations in number of users on the network, types of calls used on the network, busy times or locations in your operation, and the number of network resources available at those times and locations.

This cloud-based service provides real-time data processing and performance monitoring. Tait EnableInsight also offers you a range of options to run historic reports based on robust and secure information from across the radio network. With a range of automated outputs and alerts, interactive visualizations, and business impact measurement, Tait EnableInsight is a simple yet valuable addition to your risk management.

“We have just started using Tait EnableInsight as we convert from MPT-IP to DMR Tier 3 and we are already seeing the advantage of it. It has made the transition thus far much easier. I look forward to after the full upgrade and the other features that we will be able to use at that point.”

Dennis Buchanan, Senior Telecommunications Technician,
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative.

Interactive Group’s technology Supports London Bus Performance

London Bus, England

London buses now cover more route miles and carry more passengers than ever before. More than 8000 buses now serve more than 700 routes throughout Greater London, and usage has exceeded six million passenger journeys every weekday. Read the full story here..


London bus performance tracked using Interactive Group technology

Interactive Group recognised at IWCE

Interactive Group has been recognised at the TAIT partner awards at IWCE in Las Vegas for innovation in software & commercial offerings.  Our core software VuPt offers real-time network insights and is integral in the creation of TAIT’s new network management solution known as Tait EnableInsight.

Read the full story here https://blog.taitradio.com/2019/03/28/tait-technology-partner-awards/

TAIT Enable Insight readies for take-off with IG partnership

I am delighted to announce a world-wide Software Licencing, Software Development & Distribution agreement between Interactive Group P/L and TAIT Radio Communications, which will fast track revenue and growth with the launch of Enable Insight, the first ‘TAIT branded’ solution based on Interactive Group’s core technology. Enable Insight is ready for immediate sale to customers and prospects using or considering a TAIT DMR Tier3 Trunked Radio solution.

Enable Insight is an enhanced Service Management offering from TAIT, which will continue to grow and expand as new technologies come on line or are integrated into TAIT’s solution portfolio. This global partnership will see Interactive Group work with TAIT to further develop and support Enable Insight as an integral part of TAIT’s drive to provide a new level of customer service and support to its customers worldwide.

I’d like to commend TAIT for their vision to realise this game changing value proposition, and in particular for opening up access to their networks via a RESTful data API which demonstrates a true commitment to supporting the needs of their customers.   “Murray Evans – Director Interactive Group”


Interactive Group partners with Tait Communications

Interactive Group Pty Limited (“IG”), a software & services company focused on improving real-time insights and creating operational efficiencies in communications solutions, is pleased to announce a global technology partnership with Tait Communications (Tait). This partnership will see Tait managed services customers worldwide benefit from a new level of customer service and support capability.

Class leading real-time data management and visualisation platforms from IG will significantly extend and enhance the Tait managed services solutions for network monitoring and management. Tait and IG are focussed on empowering organisations and their employees to better understand the operational performance of their networks, track trends and efficiencies, and by doing so, improve individual team and organisation performance.

IG’s software and services help customers to:

1.         Move from ‘reactive’ past ‘proactive’, towards ‘predictive’ Service Management

2.         Reduce costly service incidents

3.         Reduce Service Management reporting

4.         Automate Capacity Planning & Alerts

5.         Identify issues before they become problems